Solar Battery Storage

At Power On Point we only use quality products for our solar installations. We also prefer to use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), being the safest Lithium battery chemistry available. Here are our preferred energy storage manufacturers we use for solar in Wanaka and around the Central Otago Queenstown Lakes region.

Founded in 2010, SonnenBatterie is the leading German lithium battery system manufacturer and the largest residential battery storage company in Europe (with over 45,000 storage assets installed worldwide).

SonnenBatterie Advantages

  • Intelligent All-in-One residential energy storage system

  • Safe and reliable Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology

  • Modular Design for individual households 

  • Energy management to maximize self-consumption

  • Monitoring via portal and app

  • Energy security & optional emergency power protection

  • 10 year/10,000 cycle full warranty - 20 year design life

  • Black start function on hybrid model

SonnenBatterie systems are a premium German made offering from one of the world’s largest residential and most experienced solar battery manufacturers with proven performance and a great warranty.

BYD is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries.  BYD is a Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen. Many people may not have heard of BYD despite the company being bigger than Tesla.  With more than 220,000 employees and a market value of about $22 billion they are a power house in the battery industry.


BYD Battery Advantages

  • Safe lithium battery chemistry LiFePO4

  • High power output

  • 10 year 10,000 cycle warranty

  • Modular design with flexible storage options

  • 3 different models available

  • Great for off grid solar

  • Integrates seamlessly with SMA Sunny Island or Victron Inverters

BYD are also the world’s largest producer of electric cars and they have recently signed a joint venture deal with Toyota for research and development of battery-electric vehicles. They will continure to roll out high quality, reliable and safe batteries for solar energy storage.